Updated: 2/12/05; 2:12:13 PM

  Friday, October 1, 2004

Radio 8.1 and the Future

Radio 8.1 and the Future

New updates to Radio are out--I hope that you all have had a chance to grab them. By the way the server is responding, I think we have a lot of folks doing just that.


Many of the items in the release came from people in the community, pointing out a bug or feature and offering a solution. That's something I would like to encourage everyone to do. If you have something that you think will fix or improve the software, now is the time to step forward.


Radio UserLand has always had a strong community and evidence of that is scattered throughout this release. UserLand has developed a method to work with interested members of the Radio community to move the software forward. We'll be releasing more about that next week.

In The Near Future

UserLand will be hosting a theme contest with prizes in a couple of different categories. We'll also release a standard XHTML structure for themes allowing a developer/contestant to do everything in CSS.

Comment system upgrades go to beta testers Monday the 4th of October. Send me an email (steve at userland) if you run Manila-based Radio community and would like to be included. Comment system changes include the ability to delete comments and trackbacks, fewer calls to the comments servers which will mean *faster* responses and *faster* page loading.

Remember: your license has to be current to take advantage of the updates.