Updated: 2/12/05; 2:12:28 PM

  Monday, October 4, 2004

Agrario's Fall Menu

I spent most of tonight at my friend Eric's restaurant, Agrario, in downtown Springfield. He's doing some amazing things with his menu and at the start of each season, he shows it off a bit with a "tasting". He invites regular customers to come down and have a taste of some select items from the new menu. Yum.

Tonight, my favorite was the Bleu Cheese cheesecake. It's hard to explain, it's something you have to try.

Trade Secrets and VoIP Issues

Dave and Adam spent some time in the latest Trade Secrets talking about issues with VoIP and recording software, mainly running out of horsepower. Dave asked about "renting out" a service bureau for conversations like theirs.

A central VoIP-enabled "phone system" or "conferencing center" would help them out. They would call in to the conferencing center with the SIP phones and the conferencing center could record the call in a standard format. You could then retrieve the call via RSS or password protected URL. There are great open source (read free) PBX platforms like Asterisk that might help you here.

DaveNet Anniversary Approaches

Dave Winer is having an anniversary soon, marking the beginning of one of the oldest continuous conversations on the net. When I started to read and "surf" the web, Dave (and Scripting News) became a central beacon, calling me back when I would get lost and pointing me in directions I would never have found on my own.

It's hard to put into the right words, but Dave's constant vigilance to protect user's rights were a building block for my own "moral compass".

Dave, thank you for a lifetime of work helping others.

Gmail supports Atom feed

I noticed that Google has implemented an Atom feed for my Gmail box. Nice. Too bad it doesn't seem to do anything outside of my browser. I tried dragging the link and copying the link into NetNewsWire and to Radio and both wouldn't parse the file. I did the same with the feed validator to make sure that it was valid before complaining but guess what? No content. I must have something to do with a Gmail cookie that my aggregators don't have access to.

Nice. Seemed like a great idea, but poorly executed. I guess that's why it's still Beta software.