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  Saturday, October 9, 2004

iPodder directory ramping up

ipodder update. Most iPodder related stuff is now being maintained on ipodder.org, including a directory of ipodder software for all makes and models of mp3 players and operating systems, as well as a directory of Podcasts. Already there are over 40 shows available for you to subscribe to. Fill 'r up! [Adam Curry: Adam Curry's Weblog]

More Podcasting notes

Dann says:

Seriously Disruptive Technology: iPodder.. Man, is this thing powerful. My mind is a blur right now with all of the possibilities. Your iPod becomes your personal broadcast station with iPodder and a voice recorder adapter and decent microphone. I'm going to have to give this a try. iPodder plus integration of BitTorrent with Radio makes a great distribution platform. What we need to complete the loop is a reverse iPodder. Something that pulls recordings from your iPod and publishes them to an RSS feed for distribution. This reverse iPodder should optionally use BitTorrent as the file distribution mechanism. Now if we could just get all of this integrated and running on Windows. ;-) [Dann Sheridan's Weblog]

Patrick Ritchie is toying with the idea of picking Andrew Grumet's tool for Radio--he's already worked a fix--to get it moving again.

Folks, podcasting is going to be a big deal.

Terry Frazier is blogging again

Terry Frazier is blogging again--pick him up in your aggregator if you haven't in awhile.  His latest on RSS is worth a read.

Radio and del.icio.us

Donovan has posted a mini tutorial on how to post del.icio.us links marked with 'radiouserland' to his site automatically.

Podcasting HOWTO

Engadget has a howto for podcasting. [Scripting News]