Updated: 2/12/05; 2:12:55 PM

  Sunday, October 10, 2004

Dann Sheridan ask about the audible web

Dann Sheridan:"So what will the audible web sound like, look like, and act like?"

Phil Windley on Podcasting

Phil Windley: "As Curt and I were talking, I realized that PODCasting is likely the largest application of the occasionally connected computing model. The whole infrastructure has been designed to support that model. That's one reason PODCasting wins over streaming. Streaming requires a constant connection."

An interesting take on podcasting --server based aggregation and delivery. From Mac Geekery blogs

Podcast ping service

Dave writes that he'll be doing a weblogs.com ping center for podcasts in response to a request I made on the iPodder mailing list. Thanks!

iPodder and RSS

I've been watching the Yahoo mailing list for the iPodder software and saw a post by Dave Windsor that I wanted to share.  It underscores the simplicity of RSS:

"What an exciting 24 hours since I discovered podcasts and ipodder.
Yesterday I downloaded iPodder, copied the rss sample from
#### /tech/rss, converted it to my own details,
uploaded to the web and ipodder recognised the site and dowloaded the

Dave Windsor was able to create a usable feed in a short time by reading the spec, copying the sample and editing it by hand to create a feed.  Thanks to Dave Winer for keeping this stuff simple and accessible to all.