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  Monday, October 18, 2004

Divine Right of Kings

I'm writing this piece in direct violation of my interal policy of "no politics" on my site.

I read a NY Times Magazine article about George W. Bush that gave me a final bit of insight on the man and his motives. Following a link from yesterday's Scripting News, I skimmed the article and the first two paragraphs caught me, comparing President Bush to an Islamic extremist.

I finished the piece slightly nauseated at the idea of a Messianic president, leading his country based on what God has told him to do. I'm not debating the existence of God or the tentaments of Christianity. I consider myself a Christian and prayer has helped me through many times in my life, both good and bad.  The disturbing part of the article comes from the many descriptions of President Bush using his faith as the sole tool to make a decision. I find that disturbing.

I've met (and worked) for people similar to the description of Bush in the NY Times piece and found it equally disturbing. I've always been a curious person and have learned to reason my way to a decision, but build my own confidence with faith. I'm in no position to project my faith on others and I don't believe that *any* American president is either.

President Bush's committment to his Christian faith is commendable, but his application of it's prinicples is poorly executed and inappropriate for a man in his position. There's another candidate for president running this year, so please consider him instead of President Bush. The promotion of a faith has a place: a church, not the White House.

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