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  Thursday, November 18, 2004

XMLTV format as a basis for a podcast listings file

Can XMLTV be a springboard to a podcasting publishing schedule? OPML would be great as a directory file format, and RSS is fine for a publishing format, but why not create a file that your client can parse every couple of days/weeks for delivery times? That would allow you to tell your "listeners" when you create, when you publish and when a good time to get back content would be.


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TUX magazine

How did Rex miss this from Doc?

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Yahoo! Mail Now Using Domain Keys To Fight Spam. scubacuda points out this CNET story, writing "In addition to beefing up its storage (100MB -> 250MB), Yahoo! Mail has implemented Domain Keys to find spam. The idea is simple: give email providers a way to verify the domain and integrity of the messages sent. Sendmail, Inc. has released an open source implementation of the Yahoo! DomainKeys specification for testing on the Internet and is actively seeking participants and feedback for its Pilot Program. Yahoo! has submitted the DomainKeys framework as an Internet Draft, titled 'draft-delany-domainkeys-base-01.txt,' for publication with the IETF (Internet Engineering Task Force). The patent license agreement can be found here." [Slashdot:]

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Doc Searls again reminding us that we need to think differently when it comes to making money, broadcasting, weblogs and the internet.

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