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  Tuesday, November 30, 2004

Rogers Cadenhead and a 410 page elephant about Movable Type

Rogers Cadenhead drops over 410 pages on Movable Type. Ouch! Still, competition is good--looks like I'll be getting a copy from Amazon to read.

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Manila: Five Years Old

Dave Winer reminds us that five years ago, Manila shipped.

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Don Park takes a vacation in an online world. What's most fascinating to me is the idea of a virtual vacation is truly a reality. Don walked through this environment, never really knowing what he might find. The fact that the "game" allowed him to "earn" his vacation is fascinating.

The concept is straight out of Star Trek's "holodeck" and it works.

Don, was it fun--seriously--was it?

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$50 for a clean toothbrush

Gizmodo says "The VIOlight is a $50 toothbrush holder with a built-in anti-microbial UV light bulb designed to sanitize your utensils dentata in between uses."

My brother-in-law is a dentist/orthodontist and I'm sure he would go for one of these...

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Russ calls it: Apple + 18 months = cellphone

Russell Beattie: "Apple will launch a mobile phone within 18 months."

Great article again by Russ. He's thinking with a mind 6 to 12 months ahead of the rest of us, so the 18 month prediction is not that far off. He makes some superb subpoints about outsourcing phone manufacturing and the blend of Apple's marketing and user-focus with another's technology.

I say Russ called it--I'm laying a $20 bet.

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