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  Monday, December 6, 2004

Tim Bray: When Secrets Make Sense

Tim Bray: "When Secrets Make Sense"

Here's a great quote from the full article:

"Put another way, Quark beat Aldus because they had the talent and focus and engineering and product management to figure out what people needed and build it and ship it, first and fastest. Not because they kept secrets."

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Dann Sheridan: Personal Broadcast Networks

Dann Sheridan: "Personal Broadcast Networks."

Dann writes a bit in the post above about personal broadcast networks, trying to define what they are and how they might work using today's technology. It's a short post but worth the read--I agree that it's time to start that conversation again.

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Phil Windley's first podcast

Phil Windley: "The result is my first podcast, which I call the Phil More Gang No. 1."

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Decentralizing Bittorrent

Slashdot: "Decentralizing Bittorrent"

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Andrew's Morning tableau #2

Morning tableau #2.

On the bus, as we're pulling into Kendall Square, a minivan blocks our way. On the minivan is a big, blue Pepsi logo. The bus driver honks the horn, and shortly a delivery man appears, jogging back to the van to move it out of our way. The bus driver looks at the passenger sitting at the front of the bus, to his right, and says, "I'd have waited if it had said 'Coke'."

[Andrew Grumet's Weblog]

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Dann Sheridan and a comittment

Dann Sheridan: "I've had time to reflect on my interests and passions. I've come to know my strengths and weaknesses."

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Slashdot:"Are Blogs the Future of Journalism?"

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