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  Tuesday, December 7, 2004

RetroBox Revealed

I ordered a RetroBox--a PowerMac G3/400 for $100. Good times. It arrived today and I've spent the last two hours taking it for a spin.

It's a Rev. 1 unit which is a disappointment, but had 128MB of RAM and two drives (20GB IDE and 9GB UltraSCSI). I'll probably pull the 9GB and put it in a Compaq server I have running Manila since it could use more space. Also of note though are the two SCSI cards installed: one is an UltraSCSI 2 card capable of RAID.

Downsides: can't do two IDE drives on the same bus, can't do more than 256MB RAM per slot.

Upsides: cheap, 16MB ATI Rage Pro card, it works (old iMac died)

Next? MacOS 10.3 plus the iLife suite. I might use this as a sound recording machine.

Also on the lookout for a good G3/G4 PowerBook...

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Radio Stuff: Subscriptions page hack that allows view by channel

I've modified my subscriptions page in Radio to add a column for the "magnifying glass" icon normally found on the news page. I can now easily view my news aggregator content by source with a click of a mouse button. Sweet!

Next up: unread items by channel.

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My RetroBox has arrived. More soon...

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Matt's Blogging Slackitude

Matt Kerner: "In my blogging slackitude I've neglected to post on several topics over the past few weeks."

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Jillnews update

Jill drops an update on her life, including a mention of the wine tasting. More on that later

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Google is weird in the future

On a link from Jamie Zawinski, I found this nugget from Paul Ford called Robot Exclusion Protocol. It's not what you think. Read it for a glimpse of a Google future.

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Smells Like Billie Jean

Heard on the Daily Source Code from 12/6: Smash Up Derby.

A fav: "Smells Like Billie Jean"

Bonus Link: They played the DNA Lounge in San Francisco in November. DNA Lounge? Why that's jwz's business that he started after leaving Netscape.

Bonus Bonus Link: DNA Lounge show calendar available in RSS

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