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  Wednesday, December 8, 2004

Dave Titles a Post!

Dave points out that he is capable of putting titles on posts. Thanks, Dave. It makes it easy to link to you when you title a post because Radio pulls the permalink to your post from the title. If it's not there, there's no permalink. I like to link to you--it's a win-win! :)

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Steve's hummus recipe makes the "news"

This made me smile:

Work Blog blogged about my hummus but I want to remind everyone: Alton Brown wrote the recipe.

By the way, the number one way people get to my blog is the hummus recipe. Weird.

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Donovan Watts: My Radio UserLand Wish List Manifesto

Donovan Watts "My Radio UserLand Wish List Manifesto"

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jwz writes about WKRP in Cinnicinati

jwz: "Incoming!"

He's linking to a AVI of the infamous "Turkey Drop" on "WXRP In Cinncinati". I snagged it (I got audio only) and enjoyed a bit of nostalgia.

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6502 Assembler Programming and a USB/flash ROM cart

Ever want a practical reason to program in 6502 assembler language? Well, her it is. I bought an Atari 2600 at the Vintage Computer Festival in November when I was out in CA for BCIII. Good times.

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Jon Stewart's 'America' Named Book of Year.

Jon Stewart's 'America' Named Book of Year.

AP: "Jon Stewart's "America (The Book)," the television commentator's million-selling riff on politics and other matters of satire, has been named Book of the Year by Publishers Weekly."

[Adam Curry: Adam Curry's Weblog]

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Ask Dave!

Dave Winer: "You can send me a voice message by calling 206-338-3143"

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Alton's Christmas Food Traditions

Alton Brown: "When the Santa season comes to town, folks always ask me to share my Holiday food traditions."

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Name Steve's new comptuer

Working on the RetroBox today, realizing I need a name. Most of the computers I've owned have jazz related names--my personal Mac is always "Getz" for example--but I need some new ones.


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Adam Curry makes the big Time

Adam Curry makes the big Time.

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Jeopardy! Whiz Becomes Encarta Spokesman

Slashdot: "Jeopardy! Whiz Becomes Encarta Spokesman"

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