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  Saturday, December 11, 2004

Cheff Matt Kerner

I just spent four wonderful hours in the company of Matt and Sarah Kerner, playing the part of dinner party hosts, plus another couple, Matt and Meredith. The evening included food prepared by Matt or Sarah including a roast pork main course. In a word: outstanding.

We started with a simple appetizer of french bread (baked by Matt) covered with an olive relish. The relish was perfect--spicy, salty and yet not overpowering. After the six of us worked through the appetizer and a bottle of chardonnay, we moved to the table for a leisurely salad course: spinach, bacon, pecans, fresh croutons and a dressing I couldn't pin down.

The main course was roasted pork with mashed potatos and carrots on the side. The vegetables played their role perfectly by providing the accent but not upstaging the leading pork tenderloin. Smaller portions worked to our advantage because a cheese course followed featuring a brie, mantega and Maytag bleu. The Jacob's Creek red wine (a Cabernet Sauvignon/Merlot blend) became much sweeter when paired with the brie. A welcome surprise for the tastebuds.

The dessert was a perfect lemon creme brule served with some coffee, giving us plenty of time to unwind from the meal and finish conversation.

Thank you Matt for the meal and company--"outstanding" fails to do the evening justice.

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