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  Tuesday, January 04, 2005

A Wish: Radio UserLand for multiple users

Irwin posted a note on the Radio discussion group asking for a version of Radio for multiple users. This just got moved to the top of my feature wish list, even though the request will be hard to implement.

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MacOS X's built in history calendar

Mac Geekery dropped this gem about the history calendar in MacOS X. I'll be hacking this a bit in UserTalk for MacOS X users of Radio--stay tuned

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Terry Frazier on the Aluminum Tree and Ornament Museum

A late repost of a Terry Frazier note on aluminum Christmas trees and it's accompanying museum. We put up 5 this year, with a 6 foot version in the living room in front of the main window. It looked fantastic with a color wheel and some of our best ornaments. This was the first year we went without a real tree (dead or otherwise) and Tammy and I both missed it dearly.

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Why doesn't UserLand blog more?

I frequently get the question "Why doesn't UserLand blog more?"--a valid question that deserves an answer.

UserLand staff all have weblogs and Lawrence Lee has one of the longest running on the web. What makes us a bit different is that we don't write about work, we write about what you do--our families, friends, places we go and in Scott Young's case, about airplanes.

Most people have a hidden question in there: "Why don't we hear more about what's going on behind the scenes?"

That's a tougher question to answer. Some things can't be discussed because of business rules or confidentiality requirements. Other things shouldn't be discussed because it's not right to promise more than you can deliver.

We're working on building a better infrastructure for Radio developers, making it easier for "shade tree" scripters and professional developers to leverage the Radio code base. We've spent some time over the last six months working with developers and users to find out where we need to go with the software. We've listened when you've told us about the things that are broken and are working on the fixes.

Keep watching our weblogs and leaving us comments or writing on yours. We'll respond as best we can and work hard to give you great products in 2005.

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Best Sound at the start of a Podcast: Morning Coffee Notes

In the January 3rd Morning Coffee Notes, Dave starts to play some music and you can hear his coffee pouring into a cup moments later. Dave, *that's* your intro: silence, then the sound of the coffee pouring into the cup, then the clack of the computer keys.


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