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  Wednesday, January 26, 2005

Thanks Ross Rader

Ross Rader is someone I met through the BloggerCon confabs so when I listen to his Random Bytes podcasts, I can't help but smile. I really do get the sense that he's sitting in the room with me, beer/soda/beverage in hand, spinning some tunes and we're talking about random stuff.

Thanks Ross

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From the "I wish I would have thought of this" category...

Jamie Zawinski (yes, that jwz) shows us that a pile of doggie doo can do more than you think.

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Retro-retro-retro cell phone

Before cell phones there were radiophones and before that, touch-tone and rotary dial phones. Go all of the way back to the 60's with this hack combining a cell phone and rotary dial phone hardware. Yum!

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Russell installs his Mac mini -- a pictorial

Russell Beattie takes us "picture by picture" through his install of the deliciously small Mac mini.

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A cursed shoe

I am a "clothes horse". I like nice clothing, probably to a fault. I have separate clothes for all four seasons like linen shirts in the late spring and summer or wool trousers in the fall. Unlike most men my age and station in life, I own more shoes than lawn tools. At last count, my shoe collection had passed 30 and that doesn't include old running shoes (which do eventually make it to the trash).

I mention this odd piece of information because I'm wearing my favorite pair of shoes to hate. I have a pair of Cole Haan shoes that are waterproof with Vibram soles and a raised welt that splits the toe. They seemed to have made them one year only and they didn't sell well--I got them at 75% off two years ago. I get compliments each time I wear them, but they are cursed on my feet.

First, the laces are wax (waterproof, remember) so they refuse to stay tied. Also, the leather upper is treated so (wait for it) my feet don't breathe. Finally, there's little air space between the shoe and my foot so my feet get cold quick.

I love the shoe for the style, the color and the comfort while walking. Wearing these shoes, much like wearing the right suit, makes me feel like "a million bucks." Since they are chocolate brown, they go with nearly half of my winter clothes and the style correctly bridges casual and formal, perfect for the office or social outing.

Is there a conclusion? Probably not. For now, I'll pull them off the shelf each time with an optimistic hope and replace them at the end of the day, cursing their very existence.

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ENT was what you called tags before Technorati

Paolo correctly points out that ENT was alive and kicking before the latest Technorati fad: tags. A Google search through the Radio discussion group ("ent site:radio.userland.com") yields some obvious gems:

Richard's work was in May of 2003 and Marc posted in March of 2004. Before I started my role at UserLand, all of this was "way over my head". Now that I've had a solid year or more inside the code, it looks like I should evaluate ENT for inclusion in the main Radio codebase.

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Darth Tater

As Gizmodo posts percolate through Radio's aggregator, gems like this tend to rise to the top: Darth Tater.

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