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  Tuesday, May 03, 2005

Radio UserLand upstreaming changes in beta

It's official: upstreaming optimizations are out for beta testing. If you are a developer or a Radio hacker comfortable with troubleshooting, download the beta and "have at it."

Marc Barrot has been instrumental in vetting the final code, finding some particularly obscure bugs and making things run correctly. Thanks, Marc!

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Rogers Cadenhead: "I'm giving away four author's copies of Radio UserLand Kick Start, each in new condition and completely untouched by my catdog."

Rogers is cleaning house and it's your best chance to pick up a great book on Radio. Hit that link, leave a comment and maybe you'll pick up a sweet copy.

I used the book for several months after it's release and it really helped me grasp some fundamentals about Radio's content management system, scripting language and more. Good stuff and worth the money at full price.

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