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Dave Winer has been writing a weblog for quite some time and has built quite a history of posts. He sometimes uses that history to prove a point or remind us of how far we've come. I always enjoyed reading the comparisons between current events and events from the previous years on his weblog and I hoped one day to have it on mine. That day has come.

onThisDay macro: Download

Installation: save the file and use the Radio application's "Open" command from the "File" menu. Radio will offer you a location to save it in the object database that's the same as the place it came from. In this case, I stored it in a table called workspace.srk.scripts, but you can store it anywhere in the workspace table in your Radio installation.

This is a simple macro in appearance, but hearty in its execution. It runs through your database of Radio weblog posts and compares the date you wrote the post to the same date in years past. It will find posts for last year, two years ago and three years ago and display the results in one of two ways: full content or summaries. If there are no posts, it returns no content. I plan on modifying this into a tool in the next few weeks and will include:

I'm using it on my weblog in addition to the radio.macros.weblogRecentPosts macro. Now, when I want to write a weblog post, I open my desktop homepage and see my recent posts plus any posts I made on the same day in years past. Leave questions as comments on this post. It's not a destructive macro so I don't expect any problems, but be careful, OK?

Update:  macro revised to correctly test for date.  Redownload if you need to...