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Steve Kirks

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Favorite Things:

I took a quick couple of minutes to download, install and configure the Firefox plugin called Performancing that allows you to easily post weblog content. It's really handy and a much better solution than we currently have for Radio users. Here's the quick "how to" guide. Note that this works with version 1.01 of the plugin as of 12/23/2005.

  1. Download and install Firefox 1.5 as the plugin won't work with anything older.
  2. Follow the instructions on the Performancing website to install the plugin.
  3. Open the editor window by clicking the pencil/pad icon on the lower right corner of the window.
    • Choose "Custom Blog"
    • Choose "MetaWeblog API"
    • In the URL field put ""
    • Leave "Add API Key" unchecked
    • Enter in the username and password you use for Radio's remote RPC access.  Haven't set that up yet?
  4. Configure a blog using the "wizard" with the following settings:
  5. Done.
Make a test post and see how it goes.  Email feedback to steve at userland dot com.