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2005 Radio Roadmap

April 2005 

 Upstreaming improvements: by setting different intervals for scanning Radio's folder structure, we can improve the processor usage.

 Status: in private beta

 Aggregator improvements:

 New scripts:

 delete stories script--allows a developer to call the script and delete stories from Radio's aggregator without forcing the user to interact with a form.

 presort a table of subscriptions for use on the  "news summary" page that shows unread stories by source

3rd Quarter 2005 

 Creating an "simple" and "advanced" interface for Radio

 Simple: no local files rendered, no user-accessible templates, upstreaming only on two folders (images and gems). Design changed using prefernce pages and CSS files. This will make it easy to add macros that show Amazon links and more.

 Advanced: just like it is now, with files rendered statically and it's up to the user to manage the content.