Boston Update

Today we’re in the small south Massachusetts town of Uxbridge at a jewelry supply company. Tammy is meeting one of her suppliers face-to-face, much like I did with BloggerCon. Personal relationships are more and more important in this age of Internet communications.

She’s going through bag after bag of semi- precious stones, choosing current trendy stones and some basics for the main part of her line. Examples? She looking at some Russian and German stones right now, cut in a fashion I’ve never seen. Next stp: lunch!
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To Andrew Grumet, an apology:  I felt horrible this morning for two reasons–leaving you in the lurch and because three days of less than 6 hours sleep caught up.  I spent the afternoon with my wife, reconnecting with her after four days of pre- and during-BloggerCon adreneline.  I’m about to get a cold, too; lymph nodes are swollen.

I’ve had a decent amount of sleep and will get more in the next few days.  I got great interviews that I will post (with enclosures, creating a new enclosure channel) especially one from Adam Curry.  A consumate gentleman, Adam handled my amateur questions with a quiet grace that few people of notoriety have mastered.  His interview is my favorite.

All interviews will be uploaded as mp3 files, linked from the main page and in the aforementioned feed.  Second fav:  Scott Johnson, inventor of Feedster.  He’s got a great product waiting in the wings.  Ask him about it.

I’m also using BloggerCon as an opportunity to recharge.  When I get back, I’m going to make some major changes in the weblog.  Wait and see, comment if you like.

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“this is utopia…(our reality) sucks by comparison (to our imagination)” –Britt Blaser

Britt also mentioned that this is the Enlightenment of our time in weblogs

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Great panel.  discussing blogging as the “second superpower” and “Cluetrain 2003”.  Best panel of the day.  Too much brainwaves flying to write and listen at the same time.

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About teaching, educations, technology:

I’ve met a lot of teachers, but very few are genuinely bad at their job.  I’ve met a lot of teachers, and many of them are tired of not having the basic tools they need to do their job.

More later

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Have interviews scheduled with:

  • Adam Curry
  • Chris Lydon
  • John Udell
  • Dann Sheridan


  • Dave Winer
  • Bryan Bell
  • Ed Cone
  • Elizabeth Spiers of Gawker fame.


  • Scott Johnson:  inventor of Feedster

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 Bryan Bell snapped a photo–I’m in the red/white stripe shirt forground left…

Here At BloggerCon!.

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Back from lunch (it was great) and we’re back in the conf room. Doing an unscheduled panel with two journalists–Len Apcar from the NYTimes (cheif blogger) and Wall Street Journal. More later when I figure it out. :>

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Listening more than writing.  The panel is on education and weblogs.  Patrick of the Bay Area Writing Project talks about weblogs like digital paper.

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Interview with a blogger:  Doc Searls and Dan Gillmor  Dave’s doing a short interview with the pair, talking about their blogging experience and embedded journalists in a journalism organization.

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Ed Cone’s panel:

  • Josh is discussing his Clark interview.  Ed posed the question “Why did your interview go on the weblog and not someplace else?”  Josh points out that the interview was couched from the beginning as web-destined.  “Never a question” it would be on the weblog in his mind.  Chose to not “sell” the interview.  Likes the control of the content, instant publishing allows for less scoops by other journalists.
  • Glenn Reynolds talks about why he thinks Instapundit has grown.  The influence of his September 11 reporting.  Emphasized the “linking” of his site by others.  Never had a marketing or business plans.  “Link to a lot of people”.100,000 hits a day.  Ed drops a clever joke about hits and Adam Curry and Amsterdam.
  • Scott is talking about “this thing called blogging” and how blogs are anti-structure and the “establishment” is all about structure, so there’s a built-in conflict.  Discussing Salon as a blogging environment (he’s an editor, managing editor, blogger and writer).  Mentions that one writer was offered a method to post without and editor, but the writer wanted the structure of the editor and works better that way.  Ed mentions his recent attendance at a shareholders meeting that was closed to the press, but he blogged it as a shareholder. 
  • New question:  “Where can weblogs go?”  Josh:  “allow journalists to.. Hunter S. Thompson…campaign blogs…there’s cetrain contexts where you cna repeat what people say and some that you can not.”
  • Glenn:  “backstage” is a place where you can say what you want.  Some businesses can’t function without a “backstage”.
  • Scott:  exposes the “backstage of journalism”
  • Multiple discussions about insiders and publishing, especially using disclosure as leverage.

Taking a break.  Can’t keep up.

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Intro by Berkman founder…gives Dave a book on Socrates.

Dave comes to the front and accepts with a smile. Discussing reasons and purpose behind the conference. “Everything is on the record”. Dave mentions that everything that we say is recorded and for attribution unless stated otherwise, even in private conversations.

Ground rules: good and bad questions about weblogs, mainly discussed to emphasize “What is a weblog?”

Dave’s “hot topics” as a discussion starter:

  • editing and weblogs (good, bad, right, wrong)
  • does it make sense for the NYTimes to have a weblog. Amusing discussion between NYTimes.com editor and Doc Searls after Doc says that the nytimes.com is not a weblog
  • Conferences as a weblog (people are live links and comments)
  • “Second Superpower”
  • Chris Lydon’s interviews
  • Presidential Politcs and weblogs, the “Dean phenom” and it’s connections to the internet and weblogs (what now, next steps)

Opinionated comments by me.

  • Adam Curry is here and has seemed to naturally sit in a spotlight.  (meant as an amusing comment, not mean)

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Online at BloggerCon.  We’re having DHCP problems, so this might be intermittent…

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Day 3 News:

Went to Newbury Street.  Correct spelling this time, thank you.  Commuter rail to North Station, green line to Arlington.  Top of stairs, ahead two blocks.  We made the quick walk and headed straight for Armani.  Mmmm…. cashmire everywhere.  Tried on an “unconstructed” sport coat that was over $2500.  Wanted it, badly, but not that stupid.

(Sorry for the short sentences.  Very late, very very tired.)

Shopped for 6 hours straight on Newbury, took a cab to “Fan-y’all”, a great center city Boston attraction.  Met ChianHwa, Jason’s wife and saw her (goregous) offices.  Took a 10 minute walk to the North End and ate fab Italian at Il Panino.  I had the filet migion and Tammy had a veal house special.  Both were easily the best we’d had–no exaggeration.  Went around the corner to Mike’s Pastry (feat. on Food Network) and bought Tiramisu, canoli (sp.) and an apple “thingy”.  All were good.

Headed for bead.  I’ll be blogging during the day as the conference unfolds.  I’ll be hitting it hard for another 15 hours, this time as a blogger-geek.

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Joe:  I wanted to play with ShareBlogs, but ran out of time each day with family life and BloggerCon approaching.  I liked the idea but I never had a chance to give back.  I over-committed and under delivered.   For that, I’m sorry.

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Lotsa pre-BloggerCon stuff:

Doc talks about Scott’s BloggerCon essay.  Here he mentions another from Mitch.

Jeff Jarvis blogs a bit of his trip to BloggerCon.  (Thanks, Dave)

Dave on Cameron’s participation in BloggerCon.

Jeremey Allaire about a proposed format: RSS-Data

More later.  Off to the train station…

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-Jason and ChianHwa (our hosts) have a beautiful home in Boxboro.  I got a whirlwind tour from Jason this morning, showing me the way to the commuter rail station and some of the sights and places.  We’ll take the train into Boston, hop on the subway and take it to Arlington station, our first stop, and head to Newberry Street to unload some cash on the Boston economy.

Got a lunch suggestion?  Call me on my cell at 417-619-1529.

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Hello from cold Boxboro, MA.  We made it without issue, although it could have been shorter and we’d be happy.  We made a side trip to Niagra Falls–photos and movies will follow later.  We’ll be spending our Friday in Boston, shopping on Newberry Street.  Sleeping now, more tomorrow for sure.
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Leaving this morning. Cold, like fall should be. Official mileage: 796.6. Might stop at Niagra Falls on the way, only two hours.
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In Willoughby, OH on the east side of Cleveland staying at a Courtyard Marriott. Total road time: about 12 hours. Miles: just past 800. Tired. Will write more in the morning. We are safe and headed for bead
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We’ve made it as far as Indianapolis. We pulled into the downtown area and up to the front door of the Nordstrom’s at 2PM — perfect timing. At this rate, we hope to make Erie, PA tonight. Anyone have a suggestion on where to eat in Erie?
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Road update:

In Cuba, MO- 133 miles, 2 hours. WIfe irritated. Must drive. 🙂
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We’re Off!

Car packed and ready. Gas Tank full. Maps done, cell phone in hand. iPod loaded with driving music. Today’s first stops: St. Louis, Indianapolis, Columbus, Cleveland and hopefully Erie.

Our good friend Pamela Witte is housesitting so our two cats won’t be *completely* bored. Thanks, Pamela.

See you on Friday in Boston!
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BloggerCon weather…

Weather report for BloggerCon. Currently, Weather.com is reporting for the Harvard area:

Friday, Oct. 3: Partly Cloudy, High 59, Low 48, 20% chance of rain

Saturday, Oct. 4: AM Clouds/PM Sun, High 66, Low 47, 20% chance of rain

Sunday, Oct. 5: A Few Showers, High 66, Low 47, 30% chance of rain

Bring a sweater and an umbrella, because if you don’t it’ll be cold and rainy. 🙂

[bloggerCon News]

Here’s a link to the NOAA site for Boston.

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